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Cosmetics Development
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Our Story

Established in 2006, YTY is the sister company to Country Trading PLC. The company began as one of the biggest suppliers of construction materials in Ethiopia, importing a vast range of products from different parts of the world to supply the Ethiopian construction industry’s demand at all levels. Since then the company has grown to include Real Estate development projects and Cosmetics Manufacturing.



We have recently ventured into the cosmetics manufacturing industry. Or 1500 karameter factory in the Hana Mariam area of Addis Ababa is currently producing home care and personal care products to the local Ethiopian Market. Today the following products have been successfully developed and launched under the following in-house brands:

Aloe Vera Hair Food (available in 200ML)

Rosetta Hair Food (available in 200ML)

Coconut Hair Food (available in 200ML)

Indian Hemp Hair Food (available in 200ML)

Argan Hair Pomade (available in 200ML and 100ML)

Carrot Hair Pomade (available in 200ML and 100ML)

Cactus Hair Pomade (available in 200ML and 100ML)

Coconut Hair Pomade (available in 200ML and 100ML)

Coconut Scented Petroleum Jelly (available in 250ML and 100ML)

Pure Petroleum Jelly (available in 250ML and 100ML)

Repairing Shampoo (available in 400ML bottles)

Moisturizing Shampoo (available in 400ML bottles)

Color Protect Shampoo (available in 400ML bottles)

Shampoo for All Hair Types (available in 20 L & 3 L Salon Sizes and 10ML Sachets)

Regular and Scented Glycerin (available in 100ML bottles)

Body Lotion (available in 400ML bottles)

What Makes Us Special


Our products are formulated with only the best local and international ingredients.


In addition to sourcing the best inputs, we also utilize quality technology to manufacture our products.


We have a strict quality control and assurance process that ensures that only the highest quality product reaches our customers.


Although the products we manufacture are export quality we, focus our product portfolio on the local market and its growing customer base.  

Global Partners

Metal Market

Real Estates

Aside from the importation of construction materials our Real Estate Division, Gezana Real Estate, is engaged in premium real estate projects, including the following:

Our Projects

5 Star Hotel

Currently in the process of developing a world class five-star hotel on behalf of an international chain in the capital city.

Construction Materials

Aside from the construction and Real Estate Division, YTY Ethiopia, is engaged in premium importation of construction materials, including the following products:


Bitumen 60/70
Bitumen 80/100

MC 30
MC 300


RC 70

Contact Us


Country Tower near Cathedral School.

Piassa, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
Tel: 011 126 70 29
Tel: 011 126 75 54